Current Super 1 Catalina Deals

Remember- you must buy all items for the deal in one transaction in order to receive your catalina Q. 
After trying the "buy 2 viva paper towel single rolls, get $4 off your next purchase" a few weeks ago, I would caution you to watch very carefully when purchasing a catalina offer at Super 1.  I called Catalina and was told that I didn't purchase the correct single rolls for the promotion.  My store director was very apologetic that the promotion was incorrectly advertised and made the situation right.

My suggestions for Catalina promotions at Super 1:
1- don't shop late or on the weekend so that you can speak with a manager and call customer service if necessary if your catalina doesn't print. 
2- shop when you aren't restricted by time.
3- make sure the green light on the catalina Q machine is on.
4- wait for your catalina and if it doesn't print, ask to speak with the manager. 

I have not been able to update this page this week with matchups.  Please refer directly to the Super 1 page linked below for the promotions currently running.  I'll update this page later this week with any matchups I find.
Here's a direct link to the Super 1 Catalina page to see the items pictured for each deal.  It doesn't mean others aren't included, but it at least gives you a starting point. 


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