Personalized Scenarios

I am currently writing free personalized scenarios for Walgreens only.  I do this because I think it's the best way to learn how to roll RRs without having someone to go with you to the store.  This service is first come, first served.  I will do my best to get scenarios to you quickly, but please remember that I have 2 small children and cannot drop everything to write a scenario for you. If you need a scenario in the next 12 waking hours it may not happen. I can usually get them to you within 24 hrs. though.
I try to write scenarios that have the least OOP, but there are many options.  Often I can come up with 5 different options to get the same items all with less than $1 difference in OOP!  In cases like this I will choose the scenario with fewer transactions to save everyone more time and make your cashier (aka new best friend) happier. Please keep in mind that the more you buy that's not "free after RR" the higher your OOP will be.  I just do the math, not change the sale prices  Smiley

Disclaimer: I do my best to ensure that the scenarios I write are accurate, but I am human and can make mistakes.  Ads can also have published mistakes (like the recent Hershey's deal at Wags).  I will not be held responsible for mistakes or for your store being out of a product.

Here is the direct link to the online form to submit your items for me to write you a scenario.

Please consider making a small donation for the time it takes me to write the scenario and get it to you.  It takes anywhere from 15 to 30 mins away from my family for each scenario.  A donation is simply that- a donation, so it is NOT required, just would be helpful.  I am always looking for guest posts which would also save me some time during the week and would be equally welcomed.


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